Curtain Rails & Accessories

Did you know that the different curtain rails and rods create different styles and finishes? That the mechanism will affect your everyday experience of using your curtains as well as how they drape?

Curtain rails are a fundamental hardware aspect of the window covering, and the value of investing time in understanding the finer technical details is often underestimated or even overlooked.

Just some of the factors you can consider when making your choice include:
•  The area you live in (Coastal or Inland)
•  Whether you have light-duty or heavy-duty curtains
•  The freedom, and frequency, of movement you are looking for in the curtain
•  Whether the curtains move on a curve or in a straight line
•  Whether you are looking for a hand-drawn or a pulley system

Our different finials and brackets add extra detail to your look.

Investing in high-quality fabric can fall flat when suspended on the incorrect rails, so invest in a good support system to carry those gorgeous curtains, it’s worth it!

Chronos Track


Are you looking for a rail that can form beautiful pleats in your curtains? Then look no further than the Wave system to create that new look, and give your room a polished finish! You can choose between the conventional, hand-drawn type or add a modern touch with a pulley system!

C Steel Single-White P.V.C Brackets


Are you unsure which track to use to hang your curtains? A popular and great-value-for-money option is the C-Track. The single, double, or triple configurations mean that you have flexibility when it comes to how many layers you are looking to hang.

Free Glide Aluminium King Track - Double

Free Glide

Looking for your curtains to glide with ease on the track? Our free glide rail is perfect for medium weight curtains and, as the name suggests, the wheel runner enables free movement. We are able to meet your curtain rail needs with our single or double rail configurations.  

Emperor Track - Single - No Brackets (With Runners + Endcaps. Brackets Sold Separately)


Add a touch of royalty to your curtains with  Emperor Track is ideal for heavy-duty curtains.  The runner has a double wheel which enables a smooth and easy glide. Available in a single or double configuration.

PVC Clips for "C", King & Emperor Tracks

You have your curtains, and your track, but have you made sure that you have all the other elements you need to ensure your curtains hang as they should?                         



Are you looking to create privacy in the hospital ward? Then our hospital rails offer a value for money option to hang your curtain from. We start from your specifications, bending the rail to your needs. The rail is sturdy and the mechanism runs smoothly, without snagging.  

Medium Duty Headrail

Roman Blind Headrail

Would you like to create neat, horizontal folds in your blinds? Our Roman Blind mechanism is the answer. In addition, the innovatively designed chain control system allows you to raise or lower the Roman Blind with great ease.


Auditorium Track

Stage & Auditorium

Are you looking for a curtain track strong enough to hang stage curtains? Our stage track is designed specifically to carry heavy-duty curtains, which expand from 6m up to a 20m width.