Curtain Tapes & Eyelet Rings

200mm Buckram Tape

Basic Tape

Want a good looking pleat in your curtain? We supply a wide selection of local curtain tapes for various applications which will help you make a statement without saying a word.

100mm Buckram Tape-Clear

Clear Tape

Looking to pleat on sheers? White tape is usually visible so we developed a range made of monofilament fibers (transparent). This transparent tape allows for the creation of pleat formations on light curtains or sheers.

Eezy Loop Hooks Black Nickel

Eezy Pleat Tape


44mm Duo Eyelet Rings - Bright Gold

Eyelet Tape & Rings

What kind of finish are you trying to achieve? We’d recommend you weigh up the many aspects before choosing the eyelet for your curtains.

Zig Zag Pleat Tape

Are you looking to make your curtains a focal point within the room?  Add eye-catching detail to your curtaining with intricate pleats created by using our imported curtain tape.