Want to take a trend and add some flair? Accessorise your curtains! Perhaps you’re looking to create a contrast or coordinate various pieces, either way, you’ll be looking to enhance and not overwhelm those statement pieces. Finish the look, add your personal touch to that next project, with our braiding, beaded fringing and key tassels!

Braiding adds character to a simple look, so it becomes something remarkable! A strip of braiding can be used on the curtain’s leading edge, which will transform a plain fabric to achieve an elegant and attractive finish, by adding that “wow” factor.

Adding our Crystal Clear beaded fringing adds a touch of glamour and whether you choose narrow or deep fringe is just a matter of taste.

Key Tassels transform pillows or cushions into statement pieces and are popular as a decorative feature on mock drapes.

Capri Key Tassel - Gold

Key Tassels

Key tassels are small tassels attached to a thin hoop traditionally used to add a touch of elegance to cabinet furniture.  Our key tassels are known to make a statement on pillows or cushions as well. 

Tiara Fringing - Translucent

Beaded Fringing

Our Crystal Clear beaded fringing can be added as a touch of glam to curtains or lampshades.

31mm Braiding Ref.HB8002 - Col.2


Braiding is used for decorative purposes to give your curtains that “wow” factor. It enhances the look and feel of your curtains.